Painters' tapes and films KLIMAS Sp. z o.o. +48 34 326 13 00 HAZARDWARNINGTAPES, PROTECTIVEPLASTICSHEETING TOBC / TOZC Hazard warning tape FOMG / FOMS / FOMC Protective plastic sheeting Description Ideal for creating a temporary barrier around trenches, excavation and con- struction sites and other dangerous areas. Technical data Backing: 35 µm PE film Description Plastic foil providing protection against dust, dirt and moisture during refur- bishment, construction and repair work. Suitable for temporary protection of building materials at construction sites and covering of windows, floors and floor finishes. Code Width [mm] Length [m] Colour TOBC-080100 80 100 red/white 15 TOZC-080100 80 100 black/yellow 15 Code Width [m] Length [m] Class FOMC-0405 4 5 Standard 50 FOMS-0405 4 5 Strong 25 FOMG-0405 4 5 Extra strong 12 ed.01/11/2017