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Protective coating SQ CERAMIC - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ CERAMIC - Protective coating

10x improved resistance to corrosion
compared to galvanising 5 μm


SQ Ceramic lamellar coating application technology is the modern way of protection against corrosion. Lamellar coating application technology properties are also used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The coating consists of a mix of zinc and aluminium flakes, and binding resins. The lamellar coating is characterised by exceptionally effective protection against corrosion despite a relatively thin layer.

This ensures 10-time higher protection against corrosion in relation to zinc plating and 2-time higher protection in relation to hot-dip galvanizing (HDG).

The lamellar coating maintains resistance to red corrosion even up to 1000 hours in the salted atmosphere chamber while hot-dip galvanizing only 500 hours. The coating has also high resistance to chemicals and UV radiation but does not contain heavy metals, including hexavalent chromium (VI).

Structure SQ CERAMIC

  1. Steel - base material of the screw
  2. Galvanic zinc layer – 5 µm
  3. 2x zinc flake aluminum layer – 2 x 6 µm
SQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-met

Main features

  • Very high anti-corrosion protection up to 1000h in the salt chamber.
  • No hexavalent chromium Cr-VI.
  • Temperature resistant up to 260° C.
  • UV resistant.
  • Good adhesion of paint coats.
  • Corrosion resistance up to C4.

Examples of corrosive environments

SQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-metSQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-met


Test - salt chamber

SQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-met - Test - salt chamber

Corrosion chart

SQ Ceramic - Klimas Wkręt-met - Corrosion chart


Compare the main parameters

  Galvanic HDG (Hot-dip galvanization) SQ CERAMIC A4 stainless steel
Layer thickness [µm] 5 45 - 55 17 -
Resistance in the salt chamber [h] 70 - 100 500 1 000 > 1 000
Colour shiny silver matt silver matte gray steel
Application temperature [° C] 18 - 24 500 180 - 200 -
Hydrogen embrittlement Yes Yes No No
Presence of chromium (VI) and heavy metals possible No No No
Thread pouring No occurs No No
Drive pouring No occurs possible for small dimensions No
Dirt No galvanized No No
Material zinc hot zinc bath zinc and aluminum flakes -
Surface slippery rough slippery slippery
Recommended maximum corrosivity category C2 C3 C4 C5

Product groups with SQ CERAMIC coating