Wkręt-met DesignFiX

Choosing correct Klimas Wkręt-met anchor system is very simple now!

Wkręt-met DesignFiX – is fast and intuitive.

  • This program enable you to design project with anchors in a fast and simple way according to your requirements.
  • It was designed by engineers and IT specialists according to European Technical Approval Guidelines for Anchoring Systems ETAG 0001.
  • Intuitive interface allow you to input all data directly on the 3D drawing.
  • Application shows up to date anchors which meet specific data and presents its strength percentage.
  • To safe cost and installation time application chooses optimal embedment depth.
  • It offers possibility to choose different raisins, change types and diameters of threaded bars, steel types and steel coatings.
  • Wkręt-met DesignFiX offers freedom of design any anchoring systems and provides many options for fascia covers.
  • It is ideal tool for designers, engineers and construction managers but also for investors and developers.
  • Available in multiply languages.
  • Full reports can be printed or attached to technical documentations in pdf format.

This application is free for our customers and designers. In order to get detailed information and access details please contact with us!