Screws and fasteners for wooden constructions

Construction screws Klimas Wkręt-met

Carpentry wood screws

Items in this category include construction screws for wood, fasteners enabling assembly of roofing and thermoinsulation walls to wooden grounds, screws for floors and terraces, woodwork three-dimensional fasteners, nails as well as end caps and decorative rosettes. All of the products are subjected to thorough tests and research which makes us confident that each product is distinguished by the highest quality.

Products for wooden constructions have numerous unique features which ensure endurance. For example, a special paint coating used in the production of self-drilling screws and profiled sheets. The cutting edge coating method makes it extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damages which is especially important by the assembly. The coating also guarantees resistance to UV rays which in turn makes the colour of a screw stay the same for many years.


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