Screws and fasteners for wooden constructions

Construction screws Klimas Wkręt-met

Wood screws, nails, angles and wood fasteners

Among the products in this category are high quality wood screws, carpentry screws, construction screws for the roof truss, wood fasteners for fixing roofing and wall thermal insulation to wooden substrates. Terrace screws for floors and terraces, three-dimensional carpentry connectors - wood angles, carpentry nails, as well as plugs and decorative rosettes.

Carpentry screws application

The main application of carpentry screws for wood is joining elements of frame structures - rafters, counter battens and battens, roof truss. The carpentry screw works well in the construction of frame houses.

Construction carpentry screws are perfect for connections where it is important to tighten the element being fastened and tightly fit the elements after the connection. Such as joining the walls of frame houses or bolting two beams together.

Screws for wood and metal

All products undergo detailed tests and examinations, which allows you to be sure that each product is of the highest quality.

Products for wooden structures have many unique features that guarantee durability. An example of this is the special paint coating used in the production of self-drilling screws for profiled sheets for roofing.

The modern method of applying the coating makes it extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage, which is especially important during assembly. The coating also guarantees resistance to UV radiation, which in turn makes the color of wood screw does not change for many years. The assortment also includes screws for fixing drywall to wooden substrates.

Screws for floors and terraces

Klimas Wkręt-met as Polish manufacturer of wood screws offers high-quality screws for terrace structures. Exotic wood screws for terraces and other wooden structures are very popular. The special design ensures constant, correct pressure of the wooden elements. The modern design of the screw ensures easy and quick assembly and disassembly.

Three-dimensional carpentry connectors

Klimas Wkręt-met offers steel angles for fixing wooden elements. Among them, we can distinguish carpentry angles - carpentry joints available in various sizes and shapes. The carpentry connectors are made of high-quality galvanized steel.

In addition, we have the necessary construction elements, such as a garden anchor, foundation anchor, connectors and brackets or wood screws designed for all kinds of wooden structures such as gazebos, fences, pergolas.


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