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Universal SFX fastener with hardened screw for all substrates

An SFX sleeve offers a number of unique features which make this product easy and comfortable to use. SFX sleeves are designed for a variety of construction, repair and refurbishment applications. They can be used for any type of base components and materials including solid materials, hollow walls, plasterboards, cement slabs as well as plywood

SFX is a sleeve used with a universal plug, made from the highest-quality nylon, that is ideal for fixing or mounting light interior furnishing elements and light piping or installation components.

The unique design of the expansion and torque section ensures tight and secure fixing to all sorts of materials, while special stubs on the sleeve surface guarantee firm wedging of a plug inside walls up to 10 mm in thickness, preventing the plug from turning in the material.
This purpose is also served by longitudinal stubs whenever sleeves are plugged inside solid materials.
Internal design of an SFX sleeve eliminates the risk of misalignment when screwing the plug into the sleeve, as the sleeve’s shape aligns the plug properly as it enters the pass-through and expansion hole. Increased flange diameter prevents the plug from sinking too deep in the material, while the reduced sleeve diameter at the tip of the sleeve facilitates fitting inside a drilled hole.


  • Extended diameter of the plug’s rim ensures its secure rest against the substrate
  • Stabilising ”fins” – anti-turning element prevents the plug from turning while it is being driven into the substrate
  • Unique design of the plug – it guarantees tying a “knot”, which increases the pressure of the plug being held down against substrate in perforated materials
  • Reduced diameter of the plug’s tip – it makes it easier to fix it in a drilled hole
  • Stabilising ”lugs” – an innovative solution stabilising the plug in the substrate