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LFMG - Hammer driven fastener with smooth steel pin and long expansion zone for surface and recessed mounting

LFMG - Styrofoam dowel ETICS - Klimas Wkręt-met


Concrete, full ceramic brick, solid silicate brick, ceramic block, elements on lightweight aggregate, aerated concrete


Universal connector for fixing polystyrene and mineral wool.


Styrofoam EPS, Styrofoam XPS, Mineral wool


Spindle: Carbon steel, PA coated head
Sleeve: High-quality PE material


  • LFMG - Fastener driven into systems ETICS - Klimas Wkręt-met - pin Head of the metal spindle covered with plastic
    The changed shape of the spindle head of the spindle improves the sealing of the spindle in the socket of the sheath, which reduces the corrosion of the steel spindle and reduces point thermal conductivity. Lower values of point thermal conductivity at higher wall thicknesses in relation to LFM-10.
  • LFMG - Hammer driven fastener for ETICS systems - Klimas Wkręt-met - pinSmooth spindle
    - Easier assembly of the connector - better sliding of the smooth pin in the sleeve of the connector.
  • LFMG - Hammer driven fastener for ETICS systems - Klimas Wkręt-met - plate Innovative sleeve design
    A large number of adhesive "pockets" on the pressure plate increases the adhesion of the adhesive mortar. The high stiffness value of the connector's flange results in higher values of forces pulling the thermal insulation material through the flange.
  • LFMG - Hammer driven fastener for ETICS systems - Klimas Wkręt-met - anchoring zone Long expansion zone
    Ensures secure and stable fixing in the ground. Higher pull-out resistance parameters for most substrates according to ETAG 014 (category A, B, C, D, E) compared to LFM-10




LFMG - Hammer driven fastener for ETICS systems - Klimas Wkręt-met - drawing

      The thickness of the insulating material tfix [mm]  
      New buildings Old buildings  
  Product code Dimensions ttol 10mm of adhesive is included ttol 10 mm of glue + 20 mm of old plaster are included Quantity in package
    dk x Lk [mm] without milling with milling without milling with milling [pcs]
Ø10 LFMG10140(200) 10x140 60 80 40 60 200
LFMG10160(200) 10x160 80 100 60 80 200
LFMG10180(200) 10x180 100 120 80 100 200
LFMG10200(200) 10x200 120 140 100 120 200
LFMG10220(100) 10x220 140 160 120 140 100
LFMG10260(100) 10x260 180 200 160 180 100
LFMG10300(100) 10x300 220 240 200 220 100