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KPS-FAST S - Frame expansion plug with countersunk head screw and TX drive

Frame plug with a countersunk screw and TX socket, recommended for fixing wooden and wood-based elements. Ensures complete flush with the fixed element.


Concrete. Solid clay brick. Perforated clay brick. Autoclaved aerated concrete.


Installation of wooden structures, ventilated facades. Installation of light wooden or plastic internal structures. Installation of shop windows, glass walls or glazing. Installation of window and door joinery, garage doors. Installation of handrails and balustrades. Fastening elements of building installations (air conditioners, thermal baths, hydrophores, water filters). Fastening medium and small storage racks, furniture and interior design. Installation of awnings, window blinds, shutters, roofing inside buildings.


Nylon (PA)


Carbon steel, A4 stainless steel

KPS-FAST 8mm wall plugs
KPS-FAST 10mm wall plugs


  • KPS-FAST S - Galvanic zinc* While stocks last
  • KPS-FAST S - Zinc flake* Replaces galvanic zinc
  • KPS-FAST S-D - SQ Ceramic coating
  • KPS-FAST S-A4 - Stainless steel


Push-through installation


  • KPS-FAST S Klimas wall plugs Wkręt-met - Countersunk head with a recess TXCOUNTER HEAD WITH TX SOCKET
    Countersunk head ensures the right embedment in the element being installed. TX drive ensures optimum transfer of torque.
  • KPS-FAST S Klimas wall plugs Wkręt-met - Thread reductionREDUCED THREAD
    Precise screw insertion. Increased spreading force in the upper spreading zone.
  • KPS-FAST S Klimas wall plugs Wkręt-met - Innovative nylon plugINNOVATIVE PLUG SHAPE
    Thanks to the unique design, the tabs prevent the pin from turning and sliding out.
  • Klimas Wkręt-met wall plugs - Fire resistanceFIRE RESISTANCE (∅10)
    For assembling facade systems the fastener has a sufficient fire resistance of at least 90 minutes (R90) if the permissible design load for a single anchorage Nr ≤ 0.8 kN (without permanent longitudinal axial load).


Installation of wooden structures KPS-FAST S - expansion dowel

Installation of wooden structures

Installation of shop windows KPS-FAST S - dowel

Installation of shop windows

Installation of windows and doors KPS-FAST S - expansion dowel

Installation of windows and doors

Installing the handrail KPS-FAST S - expansion dowel

Installing the handrail



WKCS Carpentry screws Klimas Wkręt-met - drawing

  Product code Plug diameter and length Screw diameter and length Max. usable length Drive type Quantity in package
    dk x Lk [mm] dw x Lw [mm] tfix [mm] [-] [pcs]
Ø8 KPS-FAST-08080S/-D*/-A4* 8x80 6x85 10/30* TX 30 50
KPS-FAST-08100S/-D*/-A4* 8x100 6x105 30/50* TX 30 50
KPS-FAST-08120S/-D*/-A4* 8x120 6x125 50/70* TX 30 50
KPS-FAST-08140S/-D*/-A4* 8x140 6x145 70/90* TX 30 50
Ø10 KPS-FAST-10080S/-D*/-A4* 10x80 7x85 10 TX 40 50
KPS-FAST-10100S/-D*/-A4* 10x100 7x105 30 TX 40 50
KPS-FAST-10120S/-D*/-A4* 10x120 7x125 50 TX 40 50
KPS-FAST-10140S(25)/-D*/-A4* 10x140 7x145 70 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10160S(25)/-D*/-A4* 10x160 7x165 90 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10180S(25)/-D*/-A4* 10x180 7x185 110 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10200S/-D*/-A4* 10x200 7x205 130 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10230S/-D*/-A4* 10x230 7x235 160 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10260S/-D*/-A4* 10x260 7x265 190 TX 40 25
KPS-FAST-10300S/-D*/-A4* 10x300 7x305 230 TX 40 25

*Product on order