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KPS-FAST 8 K and KPS-FAST 8 S are frame wall fasteners with an 8 mm diameter that ensure superior fastening strength and firmness!

These fasteners are available with three types of screws: zinc-coated screws, A4 stainless-steel screws and hot dip zinc-plated screws.


KPS-FAST 8 K is a frame plug with a hex screw and integrated pressure flange. This product is recommended for mounting of metal parts and elements. The TX-30/SW-10 ensures optimum transfer of torque using a torque wrench.

KPS-FAST 8 S is a frame plug designed for fixing wooden and wood-based components. The countersunk head ensures full sinking of the screw in a component. This product uses a TX-30 socket head.

The thread diameter has been reduced for both products, which has helped to improve precision of the screw positioning inside the sleeve. It also helps to generate greater expansion forces.