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The KPR-STRONG 10 group of products comprise frame plugs with hex head screws with integrated pressure flanges. This is a specialist range of plugs designed for fixing metal parts and elements.

The KPR-STRONG 10 range comprises three types of frame plugs with sleeves made of a highest-grade nylon. The three types plugs differ in the type of screw protective coating used:

  • KPR-STRONG 10 K – features a zinc-coated screw;
  • KPR-STRONG 10 K A4 – features an A4 stainless-steel screw;
  • KPR-STRONG 10 K OO – features a hot dip zinc-plated screw.

We manufacture screws with lengths of up to 300 mm. Each of those features a head with a TX-40/SW-13 socket which ensures optimum transfer of torque and makes it possible to specify the screwing strength, for instance using a torque wrench. The screw has been strengthened and now features greater torsional and bending resistance. This helps to eliminate the problem of screw snapping when working with very hard materials. The KPR-STRONG range of products are also characterised by high fire resistance.