Chemical anchoring systems

Resin anchors Klimas Wkręt-met

Chemical anchors

In response to market requirements, Klimas Wkręt-met launched four families of injection anchors: Mont Blanc - a poliester resin, Elbrus - a vinyl ester resin, Makalu - a methacrylate resin and Mount Everest - an epoxy resin. These products display unique features and excellent quality.

New resins allow highly flexible installation. The products offer variable anchorage depths in a variety of substrates, with the use of reinforcement bars or threaded rods of different steel grades. New chemical formulas allow anchoring in water filled holes. Different temperature ranges make the products suitable for changeable weather conditions. For user comfort, most resins come with a spare mixer and automatic capsule cutting system. Professional Wkręt-met chemical anchors allow deep embedment methods and provide continuity of reiforcement in concrete. Our "Chemical systems" catalogue contains also a wide choice of chemical anchors-related accessories


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