Klimas Wkręt met has its own office in Asia

03 November 2020

Klimas Wkręt-met products are becoming more and more popular on the Indian market. This is the main reason why the company is not slowing down with implementing its export expansion plans and is launching its own office in one of the largest cities in Western India - Pune.

After several months of preparation and acquiring 11 cooperating partners in a highly attractive region of the globe such as India, the leader in fastening techniques in Central and Eastern Europe is expanding the customer network in this particular country. Choosing India as a country to build its export business wasn’t random. Careful market verification and selection of selection of appropriate employees and thus, the right business partners, turned out to be the key to the brand’s success, in a very exotic for many Polish producers, part of the world.

Export Director at Klimas Wkręt-met, Paweł Klimas, underlines: „Our offer has met an increasing interest. There are many factors that determine that the offer is so popular. Most of all , good price to quality ratio, but also a very wide range of products aimed at many industries. While opening our own office, we can confidently talk about the success that we owe to our hard work, but also to the atmosphere of mutual trust, which was built from the very beginning as a part of our business contacts.”

The branch in Pune, in one of India's largest metropolitan areas (5 million inhabitants) and in one of India's most important IT centers, is a continuation of the business development strategy in the Middle East. Thanks to our office , we will not only be able to meet our clients in our own place, but also conduct product presentations and attractive training courses for them. We have set an ambitious task to make Klimas – Wkręt – met a leading supplier of fastening techniques in the Asia region within 4-5 years. This year, Klimas in Poland, is celebrating its 30th anniversary, but also endsthe two-year period of huge investments in the construction of production plants and expansion of the machine park.

Today, the brand of Klimas Wkręt-met is recognized in 60 countries worldwide and the company continues to expand its business to more foreign customers. It has 4 production plants with a total area of over 80,000 m2 with over 300 machines for the production of fastening techniques. In order to meet the demand from subsequent markets, the company is investing not only in the development of production facilities, but also in the creation and training of new production and sales teams.

Klimas Wkret-met -  New office in Asia
Klimas Wkret-met -  New office in Asia
Klimas Wkret-met -  New office in Asia
Klimas Wkret-met -  New office in Asia
Klimas Wkret-met -  New office in Asia
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