Klimas company has joined the European Association EAE

04 January 2022

Klimas, Polish leader of fastening techniques production, has joined the prestigious group of members supporting the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems.

ETICS is the most popular method of insulating existing buildings and those under construction. ETICS , is a set of products approved for launch on the market as a whole set for insulation of external walls. The individual components of the kit are, among others, adhesive mortar for thermal insulation, thermal insulation, mechanical fasteners, adhesive with reinforcing mesh and plaster layer, which must be compatible with each other and must guarantee meeting the requirements for such sets of components which make up ETICS systems.

Organizations such as the European Association for ETICS "EAE" are responsible for the dissemination of complete technological solutions with documented quality that guarantee comfort and safety in use. Since December 2021, the Klimas company has joined the group of EAE supporting members.

Klimas manufacturer, present on the Polish construction market for over thirty years, has a significant contribution to its development, developing a group of mechanical fastening systems for thermal insulation of walls, compatible with the requirements of various ETICS systems. Joining the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems is another important step in the development of a line of professional products for the ETICS market.

Klimas participation in the European Association for ETICS is an opportunity for us to share and expand our knowledge and to co-create European development of ETICS industry. As for the leading manufacturer of construction fasteners in the Polish market, this initiative is particularly important in the era of environmental awareness, sustainable development and specific requirements of ETICS - says Paweł Polak, Global Product Manager at Klimas.

The role of fasteners in the ETICS systems.

Mechanical fasteners perform a number of functions in external wall insulation systems, such as load carrying properties, including above all protecting the ETICS system against wind suction forces and detachment from the substrate, stiffening the entire insulation system, eliminating movement and deformation of individual insulation boards, limiting the formation of point thermal bridges or protection against failure caused by loss of adhesion and load bearing capacity of the adhesive layer with the substrate. Therefore, the strength of the fastening of thermal insulation materials is largely determined by the type and quality of mechanical fasteners used. Modern fasteners for fixing ETICS systems made by Klimas ensure safety, durability and aesthetics of the systems for many years. An example of exemplary mechanical fasteners of Klimas brand is the ECO-DRIVE group. They are characterized by versatility of use in various types of substrates and fixing of thermal insulation materials. They perfectly fulfill their role also during the renovation of already existing thermal insulation systems. Among them stand out ECO-DRIVE S - designed for fixing expanded polystyrene and ECO-DRIVE W - designed for fixing mineral wool. In addition to compatibility with ETICS systems, the fasteners have a specially designed telescopic construction with a cutting collar, which speeds up installation work. What is more, during the installation process, there is no "dust" from expanded polystyrene or mineral wool, which can be disturbing for the building's surroundings, thanks to the self-cutting construction of the fastener's collar, which "pulls" thermal insulation particles inside.

European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems.
The EAE is the voice of the ETICS industry in Europe. It brings together manufacturers, institutes and national ETICS industry associations and contractors involved in the development of ETICS systems. A key objective of EAE is to improve the energy efficiency of Europe's vast building stock. The organization promotes a "culture of sustainable development" in the construction sector, through the technical transformation of products and technologies, the exchange of experiences and continuous dialogue with European institutions and stakeholders. Our innovative fasteners for thermal wall insulation in ETICS systems, such as ECO-DRIVE and WKTHERM-S, are the answer to the changing modern green building industry. We believe that our presence in EAE will be an important element of global development of the industry - concludes Paweł Polak.

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