International Mass Timber Conference Klimas Wkręt-met

13 April 2021

Klimas Wkręt-met, a leading Polish manufacturer of fastening techniques, concludes its participation in the Mass International Timber Conference, the world's largest events associated with wooden construction.

The 6th Annual 2021 International Mass Timber Conference was 100% virtual, March 30–April 1, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual platform gathered over 900 participants from 15 countries. The conference featured over 40 industry presenters, offering real-world information necessary for mass timber businesses and projects.

The Mass Timber Conference covers the latest information and innovative thinking on the entire supply chain for mass timber, from forest seedling to finished building.  says Maciej Strychalski, marketing director at Klimas Wkręt-met. We can see how dynamically and on a global scale the wooden construction sector is developing, also in the field of public facilities such as offices, schools and even housing complexes. As a supplier of fastening techniques, we have a comprehensive portfolio of connecting elements for wooden structures, which is why our presence at the conference was obvious to us.

Virtual mass timber building tours provided a unique opportunity to look inside innovative buildings from around the world. The event’s virtual exhibit hall also gave attendees access to over 100 exhibitors and offered one-on-one appointments and virtual booth presentations.

As a Polish producer, we met with great interest from designers and developers from the CLT industry. The construction of CLT in North America consists mainly of high-rise public buildings, therefore the most important for investors is product quality and a guarantee for years. – says Sławomir Iwanicki, Export Manager at Klimas Wkręt-met.

During the conference, we presented special solutions dedicated to the North American market, including construction screws in SQ Ceramic coating.

The latest IBC regulations allow the construction of up to 18 floors in CLT technology in 2021. Such decisions of the American International Code Council confirm our conviction about the changes taking place in the construction industry and the future of wood as a low-emission alternative to concrete and steel.

Thanks to the presence of leading professionals from all over the world, participation in the conference was for us not only a meeting with potential business partners, but above all, a broadening of knowledge about modern wooden construction. - Sławomir Iwanicki sums up his participation in the conference.

Fastening techniques for wood construction

Mass timber has many favourable qualities including fire and seismic resistance and offers a unique ability to address a large variety of societal challenges: climate change, affordable housing, forest health, rural jobs, and the urban disconnect from nature. However, it is very demanding in terms of components intended for each element of the structure, thanks to which it can easily replace concrete and other building materials. More and more advanced wooden structures result in an increased demand for assembly techniques in this area. We respond to the expectations of this demanding market. In relation to such objects as e.g. skyscrapers, it seems necessary to use dilatation screws such as our WKSS screws. Our screws, in addition to their basic role of fasteners, allow for leveling battens in roof structures and leveling the surfaces of external facades. A special tip and cutting notches facilitate screwing in, and additional ribbing under the screw head allows you to quickly and easily obtain the desired surface leveling effect. The expansion joints are covered with an additional wax coating, which, by reducing the resistance to screwing, increases the battery life of the screwdrivers - comments Maciej Strychalski

The Polish manufacturer of screws declares that all products have been tested by external accredited laboratories before being introduced to the market. Obtained approvals (eg ETA), on the one hand, confirm that the product meets the European Union requirements in terms of its applications, but also mean additional, permanent obligations for the manufacturer. He must absolutely comply with the assumed standards of production, storage and distribution of the product and carry out constant control of the production process. In the case of the SQ Ceramic coating, used in our products, the corrosion resistance of C4 is confirmed by the RISE certificate. We are guided by the mission of "Strong for generations", which is why we subject ourselves to regular audits with full responsibility to deliver proven and repeatable products to each market, in accordance with the standards in force in a given country. - summarizes Maciej Strychalski.

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