Fastening techniques for wooden structures by Klimas Wkręt-met available on

18 July 2022

Klimas Wkręt-met, a leader in the production of fastening techniques in Central and Eastern Europe, makes CAD / BIM files available on the international platform. Thoseinterested will find files with drawings of screws intended for wooden construction.

One of the most important aspects of today's construction industry is sustainability. This issue has been divided into different sections, such as thermal properties, acoustic insulation, and environmental impact. To obtain the right properties, all elements of the construction process must be properly configured via BIM (Building Information Modeling) platform. BIM is an online platform in which all information related to a given project is stored in the form of one digital 3D model. This model allows architects, contractors and installers, i.e. everyone involved in the project, to view it and enter important data. Due to the fact that information is available to everyone and constantly updated, the risk of making a mistake in the design process is significantly reduced.

BIM in wooden construction

Knowledge of BIM is crucial for architects, engineers and others involved in building the cities of the future. The platform can combine building materials with a circular bioeconomy, leading to a more sustainable construction sector. One of the elements that can contribute to the protection of environmental resources is modern wooden construction. Trees have the ability to store carbon in their cells throughout their life cycle, so the use of wood as a building material means that buildings, apart from the visual layer, become carbon sinks.

Wood is one of the most universal materials not only in construction. It is great for off-site construction techniques, such as modern prefabricated lightweight frame structures, glued laminated timber and hybrid systems that can be factory-produced with high accuracy for fast and reliable on-site assembly. Today, advanced, highly processed wood systems have the potential to change the face of the construction industry. Structure joining systems are an important element of this process, which is why we are very much involved in creating solutions for fastening techniques to all wooden structures, as well as in creating tools that facilitate work at every stage of construction. These include the BIM files we share - says Maciej Strychalski, marketing director at Klimas Wkręt-met.

Klimas Wkręt-met ready for BIM

Fastening techniques are a key element of every building - from connecting structures, facades and joinery to solutions such as fasteners for thermal insulation and waterproofing of flat roofs. Klimas Wkręt-Met, fully aware of the important role of fasteners in the construction process, provides CAD / BIM files. the first products for timber construction are now available in one of the largest BIM online libraries: This platform includes a library of free SketchUp, Autodesk, Revit, Vectorworks, and ArchiCAD files.

- The digital models offered by our company reflect both visually and technically the fastening technology products available in our offer - explains Maciej Strychalski. - BIM libraries are aimed primarily at people who want to prepare a project in the highest degree of detail. For those who prepare projects with a lower level of detail, we have prepared simplified models. The models contain detailed product information that can help you prepare industry designs – Maciej Strychalski adds.

The library contains drawings of products intended for wooden construction. The main features of bolts are the possibility of carrying greater loads, the convenience and speed of fastening, increasing the rigidity of the elements being fastened, and finally the possibility of correction in the event of faulty assembly, i.e. unscrewing and re-screwing. In order to meet the customer's requirements, the manufacturer subjects all the types of fasteners offered to them to detailed tests and examinations, which allows us to be sure that each of them is of the highest quality. Having our own laboratory and an extensive quality control department in Klimas Wkręt-met guarantees a product that ensures safe and durable joining of wooden structures. The confirmation of the Klimas Wkręt-met quality declaration is the European Technical Approval (ETA).

Repair techniques on

The dynamically growing use of data and software in the production, distribution and sales processes is definitely gaining in importance. The next generations entering the labor market are technological generations that use Internet applications even during their daily activities. This is also the reason why investments in technology and digitization of processes can be a way to stay ahead of the competition and achieve above-average growth. Therefore, BIM technology is gaining in importance. It changes the direction of purchasing decisions, forcing manufacturers to rethink their tactics. as the world's population and building stock is growing at an alarming rate, more and more governments are mandating the use of BIM technology. Architects, engineers and interior designers are already looking for a place where they will find

BIM objects of specific manufacturers to use in their projects. BIM object Cloud is web-based software developed by BIMobject that enables manufacturers of building products to publish BIM and other objects. They can be viewed at and registered users can search for and free download of BIM objects and other content from the platform.

- We operate in accordance with the assumptions of Industry 4.0, which allows us to quickly adapt to the needs of the market. The global challenge is to unify the entire supply chain in terms of digitization, and today technology is the best tool to maintain the dynamics of development in individual construction sectors - notes our interlocutor. - We focus on achieving our goal, which is acquiring new markets, but also strengthening brand awareness in the markets in which we are present. Thanks to our presence on the BIMobject platform, we can reach more architects and interior designers who are looking for inspiration or practical information about products and objects for their projects. Giving them access to our products and the ability to add objects to their projects is a huge benefit for us in the form of increasing our brand awareness in the architectural environment - he sums up.

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