We are an excellent example of a company which is self-sufficient in many areas.

Starting from product design through its manufacturing, testing, bulk production to sales, logistics, transport, merchandising and marketing.

The company's products are created entirely on the premises of our company. Specialists from Klimas Wkręt-met are responsible for developing designs for newer and newer products. Production of metal and plastic is possible thanks to our extended machinery park. The cutting edge laboratory ensures 100% quality control at every stage of production. Such a specialist laboratory enables us also to carry out on-going works on innovations — we are regularly improving our products, often dictating trends on the market of fastening technology. Thanks to the extended sales network our products are delivered to various outlet markets: Polish and international.

Sales representatives take good care to ensure that every customer gets answers to all their questions and the cooperation runs in a smooth and professional manner. Distribution of our products in retail and wholesale stores with construction materials is possible thanks to the work of logistic experts from the cutting edge logistic centre who ensure that the products are delivered on time to all points of sale, to intermediate customers and directly to the Polish and foreign markets. Klimas Wkręt-met also takes care of marketing-related aspects of its activities on its own. Any advertising and promotional activities have their roots inside the company — we personally supervise their process and execution.

In view of all these aspects, the notion of quality is exceptionally accurate in the case of our company. We create the solutions ourselves, we work and enhance them ourselves, we control them ourselves and also we ourselves are responsible for making professionalism and reliability our distinguishing features. Quality is the most important thing for us!