We develop and we help

Klimas Wkręt-met is a company that is deeply rooted in its local environment. We are trying to help the people living in the region develop, support them and offer them the opportunity to acquire new skills.

We are a company that wants to constantly develop and broaden its competencies, that is why we value persons with the same mindset.

We offer support and assistance in the following forms:

Firstly: internship programmes. Young persons, often without any professional experience, have to cope with a very highly set bar. Getting a job is often very difficult. That is why Klimas Wkręt-met tries to create new jobs and invites persons who want to gain experience and know-how. Internship in our company offers the opportunity to learn about the specificity of a given profession, share experiences with employees and other interns, broaden one's competencies and interpersonal skills. This is also a chance to get permanent employment.

Secondly: training programmes. We are happy to share our knowledge with young trainees in different areas. Be it an additional own initiative of a candidate or their student obligation — a professional trainee programme in our company offers an excellent opportunity to familiarize oneself with work under supervision of an experienced expert from Klimas Wkręt-met which will surely contribute to broader knowledge and self-confidence in the future.

Thirdly: job fair. As a large company divided into departments, we offer diverse jobs. We are looking for employees related to different specialisations. A broad range of our company's possibilities is presented at local job fairs, organized, among others, by representatives of the Employment Office. What do we have to offer? - work, development, nice atmosphere. We carry out our recruitment on an on-going basis for the entire year. We encourage everyone to track our current job offers.