Quality control

The products by Klimas Wkręt-met are delivered to the domestic market and are exported to more than 50 countries.

In order to meet the expectations of all the markets, we need to be confident that our articles are distinguished by the highest quality. That is why the machinery park of Klimas Wkręt-met company was also extended with the devices for 100-percent control of screws (selection).

New devices such as a measuring microscope or an X-Ray spectrophotometer enables checking of an entire batch of a product after manufacturing, but still before packing. Also tested are such parameters as, among others, length, diameter of the core, diameter of the thread, head size, slot workmanship, thread length and pitch, drill and others. The screws that will successfully pass the control are then forwarded for packing, whereas the ones for which a deviation from a standard was discovered — are rejected. Our products undergo a series of thorough tests, including an axial load test and a link load bearing capacity test, performed with a testing machine. All of the tests are aimed at maintaining permanent highest quality which impacts safety when using our products.

The Klimas Wkręt-met company strives for continuous improvement of its products control processes at every stage of production. We want to ensure for our clients, the best quality service and in order to keep this direction on a permanent basis, the company has put in place a Quality Management System, obtained a certificate for standard ISO 9001:2008 and has maintained it for years. Fulfilment of the requirements under this standard is constantly verified with internal and external controls. They confirm the high standard of the company's operations at all of the stages of its activities.