Production plant

Klimas Wkręt-met is a company with its own production base.

Independent production involves constant development and extension of the machinery park - our production plant is constantly being upgraded so as to meet the highest standards.

At the present moment the production plant of Klimas Wkręt-met is equipped with among others:

  • more than 100 moulding machines;
  • 200 press machines and rolling mills (also with the capability of producing metric screws even in class 10.9 and 12.9 as well as steel A2 and A4);
  • a cutting edge tool shop with advanced processing centres;
  • a cutting edge quality control department.

Excellent production base and production distribution into two channels - production of metal or plastic - ensure that we keep our autonomy at every stage of production. Own production combined with capacities and 100 percent quality control result in products that meet the highest requirements of the domestic as well as international markets.

Production of metal

Klimas Wkręt-met processes 1300 tons of metal products a month. In terms of metalworking, we are completely self-sufficient. Our specialists alone deal with product design. Resulting products are implemented on the premises of the company which is possible thanks to our extensive machinery park: we have stamping presses and rolling mills, own hardening, planting and paint shops — all to ensure our personal supervision over the production process.

Metal products manufacturing process:

  • highest quality material from European mills;
  • different types of steel (low-carbon, stainless A2 AISI 304, acid resistant A4 AISI 316, steel for heat treatment);
  • own department for product research and development;
  • extended machinery park;
  • hardening (heat treatment);
  • placing protective coats securing against corrosion - zinc electroplate or ceramic coating;
  • possibility of painting heads and washers according to RAL chart;
  • diversity of solutions - tailored to the assembled material and base;
  • possibility of producing screws in class 10.9 and 12.9;
  • quality control at every production stage;
  • Polish and European technical approvals.

Production of plastic

  Klimas Wkręt-met processes 700 tons of plastic a month. In the scope of production - similarly as in the case of metal production - we are self-sufficient. Designs are developed thanks to our specialists who supervise the production process of these items. Our extended machinery park enables comprehensive and complete creation of the products: we have CNC machines and moulding machines - such a production model enables us to exercise personal supervision over the entire process and quality of end products.

Plastic products manufacturing process:

  • highest quality production material, polyamide, polythene, polypropylene;
  • conditioning of the products made of polyamides ensures proper flexibility;
  • wide range of products with universal specialist application scope;
  • own production on highest quality hybrid moulding machines with robots;
  • automatic packing process: from cardboard/blister to a foil-wrapped pallet.