Mission and vision


To ensure satisfaction for our customers who regard us as their trusted partner with a long-standing track-record and who deliver them highest quality products.

How do we accomplish it?

  • we constantly identify and meet the requirements posed by our clients as well as legal and formal requirements we are bound to adhere to;
  • we respond to the expectations of our clients and those of the Polish and international markets;
  • our products warrant quality, endurance and safety;
  • we focus on the quality as the top priority value which is evident in each and every step taken by our company;
  • thanks to the wide range of products and the fact the we are constantly extending into diverse industries they find in our offer products that meet their needs;
  • we deliver products that make the work easier for our clients;
  • we order commodities and services from tested and recognized suppliers;
  • our clients can always rely on our professional staff, distinguished by high competencies and involvement — we are constantly improving the qualifications of our personnel.


To be the most valued and preferred company in the industry of fastening technologies in Poland and abroad. To be the first-choice company.

How do we accomplish this goal?

  • we are the specialists in our industry who base their expertise on 25-year-long experience;
  • we want to support our clients by delivering to them remarkable products as well as our employees' success by facilitating their development and bonding, which contributes to the accomplishment of shared goals;
  • our constant improvement and upgrading will ensure that our company will be even more valued in Poland and abroad;
  • the presence of our company's products on international markets is to promote the Polish brand;
  • our subsequent successes serve as motivation for further development and continuous reinforcing of our company's position on the markets.